6 shaving tricks you need to know now
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6 shaving tricks you need to know now

For many of you, your regular shaving routine hasn’t been evaluated in years. If you aren’t dealing with pesky ingrowns or razor burn, you may barely think of your grooming protocol unless you have to replace your shave cream or cartridge refills. But if shaving is an integral part of looking fresh and feeling you best, don’t you think it’s high time to examine your stubble-fighting strategy more thoroughly, and maybe pick up on some new shaving tips? While these may not be the revolutionary tricks to change the shaving game entirely (no tips to stop hair growth altogether, here) they could be the game-changing grooming habits you’re looking for to make your next shave your greatest. So read on and grab the six shaving tricks you need to know now to experience wildly close and smooth results.
Exfoliate Before

If you’ve been reading Shave Talks for a while, you know how much we value a solid skincare routine. (New to taking care of your skin? Read more here.) Regular exfoliation is the key to minimizing irritation and achieving a close shave, not to mention important to keeping skin clear and helping to reduce signs of age. For best results, exfoliate before your shave, preferably in a hot shower. Dampen face and gently massage a pea-sized amount of exfoliating cleanser or scrub in a circular motion and rinse well. Your skin may look brighter and more youthful, and you’ll enjoy less-irritating shaves that are closer, and maybe even longer lasting. Just remember to use a face lotion after shaving as well to replenish skin!

Let Shave Cream Sit

Firstly, make sure you’re using a shave cream that nourishes skin rather than dries it out. As we’ve said time and time again, a shaving foam that comes from a can most likely contains chemicals that will dry out your skin and prompt irritation. Use a shaving cream or gel that comes from a tube or tub instead, and apply evenly to your face. Then, wait. Check your email or respond to that group message about Friday plans. This will allow the shaving cream to soften and moisturize the hair, making them easier to shave away. Some men with particularly coarse hair let the shave cream sit for 2, even 3 minutes. Since some formulas tend to dry out, it’s best you wait at least 30 seconds and increase the time from there if your shave cream allows it.

Use a Shaving Brush

While we’re on the topic of lathering, you may want to try adding a shaving brush to your arsenal of grooming tools. A shaving brush will help create a rich, luxurious lather and lift and coat each hair with shave cream. This will ensure every single hair is prepped for removal, and will make it easier to get a close, clean shave. As with everything, make sure to thoroughly rinse your shaving brush and let it dry before storing. The best shave brushes are usually made of badger hair, and are the perfect balance of soft and firm.

Shorten your Strokes

This is one of those shaving tips that’s hotly debated by veteran wet shavers and new school grooming experts. Long stroke or short strokes? We at Shave Talks believe short, slow strokes are the way to go for an irritation-free shave. This is partially due to the fact that your facial hair has different growth patterns that each need to be tended to in their own way. For example, the hair growing on your neck may grow in a different direction than the hair on your cheeks. Secondly, you have a better chance of controlling the amount of pressure you’re using if your strokes are shorter. Remember that you should be using minimal pressure and letting the weight of your razor do most of the work. If you feel like you need to press down with your razor, chances are you’re due for a cartridge refill or a disposable razor change!

The Cold Rinse

Warm water to start, and cold water to finish. After you’ve shaved and rinsed your face thoroughly with warm water, turn the taps to cold and splash your face with cool water. The temperature drop will cause pores to shrink, yielding a smoother-looking shave. It will also help protect your skin. Since your skin is extra susceptible to irritation, the cold water will help protect skin from bacteria by immediately closing and shrinking pores.

Clean your Blade

Take care of your razor and it will take care of you! Remember to keep your blade ready for your next amazing shave by thoroughly rinsing and giving it a few good taps against the sink to shake loose any debris. Next, dry it thoroughly by patting it against a towel, or even blow dry it if you have the time. You will be preventing bacteria growth as well as protecting the life of your blade. Some shaving enthusiasts even list cleaning with alcohol as a tip to adequately dry and disinfect the blade. It’s up to you, but just remember to store in a dry place when you’re done, especially if you’re a shower shaver. Damp places are hot spots for bacteria, which you definitely don’t want on your skin.

Whether you’re dealing with some serious stubble or just preparing for your next daily shave, turn to these tips and find out which work best for you. You may wonder why exactly it took you so long to turn these shaving tricks into daily grooming habits.

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