The art of the bump-free bikini line
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The art of the bump-free bikini line

Depending on how many beauty rituals and tasks you subscribe to, it can feel a little overwhelming keeping up with all the latest tips and tricks for looking and feeling our best. How many different masks does one need to keep skin healthy and clear? And how many different beauty tools are we going to go through before we find one that blends foundation to our satisfaction? While some of this beauty knowledge will fade with the trends from whence they came, there are a few methods that will stand the test of time. The art of the bump-free bikini line, for example.
The bikini line is one of those delicate regions of your body where an ingrown is as unsightly as it is uncomfortable, and where skincare rules that work elsewhere don’t necessarily apply given the extra-sensitive area. And since hair in this sensitive area is usually on the coarser side, the battle against ingrowns can feel like an endless beauty struggle. But it doesn’t have to be. Shave Talks has gathered the key tips and tricks to keep irritation and bumps at bay, and your bikini line smoother than ever.

Prepare your Skin the Right Way

When it comes to the skin down there, it’s important to select a gentle exfoliating product with minimal ingredients. The key word is gentle. While some of us associate a high-quality scrub with maximum exfoliating power, this is definitely not the time (or the place) to use a heavy-duty scrub which has the potential to damage skin, and could leave you in worse shape than an ingrown hair or two. The scrub you’re looking for should ideally have recognizable ingredients and gentle exfoliating action that’s safe to use on sensitive areas. Experts recommend gently scrubbing, with minimal pressure, in the direction of hair growth 2-3 times a week as part of your weekly beauty routine to keep you bump-free.

Use the Right Tool

The newer the razor, the better. Old razors or cartridges are more likely to harbor bacteria which could lead to uncomfortable irritation, or worse, infection. Plus, you want your razor to be as sharp as possible. A dull blade will cause excess friction to your skin which could lead to even more irritation, and uncomfortable pulling on your hairs. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your cartridge, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Change that refill cartridge or start with a brand new disposable to keep up with healthy shaving and skincare habits and keep your skin flawlessly smooth.

Shave in the Shower

Instead of looking at maintaining your bikini line as its own separate beauty ritual, try shaving in the shower as the last thing you do before hopping out. The steam and warm water from the shower will give hair time to soften for easy removal, which further lessens your chances of excess friction and pulling. And if you’ve been using a body wash to shave down there, it’s time to step it up and start using a shave gel or cream that’s actually meant for the task. Combining body wash with the friction of your razor is likely too harsh for this sensitive area.


The care you give your skin after all that delicate hair removal is paramount to a successful shave. If you’re for real about preventing ingrowns, remember to moisturize! Use a daily body lotion that’s mild enough to use all over, including more delicate areas, and smooth on right after toweling off to take full advantage of its moisturizing properties. By keeping your skin smooth, nourished, and healthy, the new hairs that eventually grow will have an easier time growing straight out of the follicle, rather than becoming trapped beneath the surface. If ingrown hairs are a frequent annoyance, you may want to look into taking an extra step with a special treatment wash or swiping the area with easy-to-use treatment pads. Many of these products gently exfoliate with salicylic acid and glycolic acid and may be the extra step you need to get rid of dead skin and stay bump-free.
Congratulations. Your arsenal of skincare knowledge just gained an important new resource. So turn these key tips into weekly habits and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a smooth bikini line, every time you shave.
Regardless of how closely you stick to this routine, a bump-free shave always relies on the right razor. Dorco’s Shai Smooth Touch features an agile, deeply pivoting, 6-blade cartridge designed with a triple-formula lubricating strip. You’ll be enjoying a comfortable and effortless shave with every shower. Or try the Shai Bikini Razor for a razor built to address delicate terrain. This disposable bikini razor features a single precision blade and an extra wide, triple-formula lubricating strip to keep skin calm and comfortable.