Avoid five o’clock shadow by following these tips
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Avoid five o’clock shadow by following these tips

An integral part of adulting is developing and defining a sense of personal style. For some men, this means sticking to the same 7 t-shirts a week until one of them falls apart in the wash. For others with a keener eye towards detail, this means keeping their collection of pocket squares updated and creating the perfect shirt-tie combo that isn’t matching per se, but complementing. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of style (or adulting for that matter,) your personal look is something you tweak and consider every day. Yes, even you, Guy-Who’s-Never-Touched-a-Comb-in-His-Life. And you, Man-With-New-Facial-Hair-Every-Two-Weeks; you know who you are.

But sometimes there are aspects of your appearance that are just out of your control. Nevermind the nose you inherited from your father’s side, (trust us: it adds an air of aristocracy and character,) we’re talking about those annoying grooming details that need constant attendance. Like the cowlick that just won’t quit, or the persistent grouping of hairs between your brows. The most persistent of all however, may be the five o’clock shadow. Guys, if you struggle with a five o’clock shadow or in some cases, a three o’clock shadow, you know how annoying it can be to use the restroom before an important meeting or conference, only to see a roughened, unkempt version of yourself staring back out at you from the mirror. Sure, it’s just stubble, but if you’ve taken the time for a shave in the morning, the sight of sudden stubble can be wildly frustrating.

Luckily for you, Shave Talks is here to help. We’ve gathered the top grooming tips to fight the onset of early evening stubble and avoid five o’clock shadow for good. Read on!

Choose Your Cream Carefully

You’ve probably already heard it here before, but we’re not fans of any kind of shaving lubricant that comes from a can. Shaving foam is a product created for ease and convenience, and if you want to get rid of five o’clock shadow, you can’t afford to skip any steps when it comes to the right shaving cream that your skin deserves. Shaving cream provides nourishing glide and protection between your precious skin and your razor. Take the time to find the right product for you that’s guaranteed to moisturize, or that’s formulated for sensitive skin. Shave creams that come in a tub or tube are recommended. If you struggle with coarse hair and/or dry skin, you may want to try a pre-shave oil, especially if you’re prone to irritation. A pre-shave oil or shaving oil will immediately add hydration and soften your beard for an optimal shave.

Warm it up

Try warming up your shaving product before lathering up. The added heat will help soften your stubble even further and open up your pores to create a more effortless glide. Make sure the cap on your shave cream or gel is screwed on tight and submerge the container in a sink filled with hot water. This added step could be helpful to those that have especially coarse hair or struggle with razor burn from excess friction. After applying, allow the shaving cream to soak into your skin and stubble to take full advantage of the product. Consider this extra step as a continuation of shaving fresh from the shower or after applying a hot towel.

Exfoliate Much?

We can’t stress the importance of a trusted face scrub enough. Exfoliating at least once a week will get rid of any excess dirt, oil, or dead skin that your razor has to work through to shave away stubble. By gently scrubbing your face, you’ll be washing away pore-clogging impurities and making your razor’s job a whole lot easier, which in turn will lessen the amount of potential irritation-causing friction that you’re imparting on your face. Stick to a gentle face scrub and add it to your grooming regimen. You’ll be glad you’re taking the time to up your skincare game rather than trying to learn new ways to soothe razor burn. (But if you are dealing with razor burn, we have tips for that too here.)

Pay Attention to Patterns

When’s the last time you really got to know your facial hair? If you haven’t done so already, take the time to get to know the growth patterns of your stubble and shave accordingly. The beard doesn’t grow all one direction, and you could be shaving against the grain in some areas and across in others, even with the razor facing the same direction. Run a hand along the sides of your stubble and note the differences. If you’re experiencing darker patches of shadow in some areas and not others, you’ll learn why, and will know to shave that area the correct way.
The argument between shaving with the grain (along hair growth) or against the grain (against hair growth) is the most hotly debated men’s grooming topic. We at Shave Talks advise that you do what works best for your skin. Sure, shaving against the grain may provide a closer shave, but if you’re worried about ingrown hairs or razor burn, it’s best to shave across the grain.

Rinse Well and Often

Make it a habit to rinse with hot water between each pass. Debris and cream between the blades can impede your razor’s glide and make it harder to cleanly cut away stubble. Plus, rinsing with hot water will keep the blades themselves warm, which may also make it easier to cut away hair closer to the follicle, leading to a longer-lasting shave that may last well into the early evening. Give your razor a few taps against the sink as well for good measure to make sure it’s clear of all left-behind stubble and product.


And finally, moisturize. We know, we’ve suggested not one but two skincare additions to your grooming routine and no, we will not apologize. Replenishing your skin’s moisture barrier is a key step in setting up your skin for your next close, long-lasting shave. What’s a long-lasting shave worth if your skin is suffering from premature aging and irritation in the process? Invest in a quality daily moisturizer that will nourish and hydrate, and end every shave with it. (New to skincare? Read more about why it’s important and how to get started here.)

Congratulations – your chances of getting the baby smooth results you deserve have now increased just by reading this article. With these tips at the ready, we hope that your three o’clock or five o’clock shadow is at least pushed to close of business and that you integrate some of these grooming tricks into your daily routine.
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