From beard to sheared: How to transition to daily shaves
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From beard to sheared: How to transition to daily shaves

It can happen on a whim. You get up one morning and stand at the bathroom mirror and rake a hand through your beard. It’s been months, if not years since you last saw yourself without it, and hardly remember what your face even looks like underneath all that hair. Or maybe you’ve been turning the idea over in your head for a while now, trying to remember how it felt to not have to worry about carrying remnants of your lunch in your beard, or the annoying mess that comes with each trim.
However the idea finds you, one thing is very clear: Your beard has run its course and you’re in dire need of a clean shave.
But where to begin? How do you get a close, smooth shave when you can’t even see the skin below?
Read on for the steps you’ll need to take to transition to daily shaves and the must-know tips for shaving your beard.

Proper Tools

A perfect shave starts with the right shaving system. And since you haven’t shaved in however long, you’re going to need to think carefully about selecting the proper tool. Forget those disposables that have been hanging out under the bathroom sink and instead opt for a razor with a weighty, easy-to-maneuver handle and a fresh blade cartridge.
Dorco’s Pace 4 is a good place to start. With a comfortable handle that features a stylized rubber grip that will prevent slips, you’ll be on your way to giving your face the proper shave it deserves. Plus, the four micro-positioned blades will provide a close, clean first shave while you transition to daily uses.
Now that you’ve got your shaving system at the ready, it’s time to prep your beard.

Trim and Map

First, grab a good pair of shears and trim away some of the length of your beard. And no, we don’t mean the craft scissors from the junk drawer. You’ll want to use a nice, sharp pair of shears so you can slowly remove the bulk of your beard with as little discomfort as possible. Next, follow-up with a trimmer and shave the remaining hair down to stubble-length to limit the amount of drag and friction that could otherwise occur. Shaving your beard is a process that requires patience. Since you haven’t shaved in so long, your skin is especially sensitive, so you’ll want to move slowly and prepare accordingly.
After you’ve trimmed up, run a hand over your stubble and get to know your hair’s growth patterns. Are there some areas where your hair changes directions and grows differently? Note these changes. When you’re ready to shave, you’ll want to be keenly aware of your growth patterns so you can create a shave technique that works best

Prep your skin

If you were hoping the next step would be to grab that razor and get to work, not so fast. The steps you take to prepare your skin, even after the bulk of your beard has been cut away, are arguably the most important. First, soften up your stubble and open each hair follicle by running a clean washcloth under warm water and then resting it on your chin and cheeks until cool. Then, take out your shaving cream. If you’re reaching for the canned variety, you’ll definitely want to invest in a product that comes in a tin or tube since canned foams can be harsh and over-drying. Next, create a good, heavy lather. If you’re using a shaving brush, wet the bristles and dab your product of choice onto its center before gently working the brush against your face in small circles to create a rich, cushiony lather. This will coat every individual length of stubble to prepare for an easy glide. For a mentholated shaving cream that offers plenty of cushion and a refreshing, cooling sensation, try the Dorco D Crème Shaving Cream. It’s formulated without parabens and developed with natural extracts like Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil to keep skin comfortable throughout your shave.


And now, it’s finally time to go in with your shaving system and be rid of your beard for good. Again, the key to shaving your beard is to move slowly. We recommend shaving along the grain at first instead of against. While we can’t argue that going against the grain will give you the closest shave possible, keep in mind that your skin is especially delicate, and shaving against the grain may aggravate your skin more than it’s worth. Experts suggest that shaving across the grain may be best for this initial shave, so hold the blade vertically instead of horizontally and glide from ear-to-nose. You’ll be saving your skin from excess irritation, which at its worst could make you contemplate growing that beard out again.


And finally, after you’re done shaving your beard, try to shake off the stunned satisfaction you may be experiencing from essentially erasing years away from your appearance and remember to wash away any remaining lather and debris. Then follow-up with a light, hydrating moisturizer to replenish your skin’s natural moisture barrier to get you prepped for the day and ready for your next great shave.

So, congratulations! You’ve returned to smooth and successfully transitioned from beard to sheared. Your daily shaves may just become the morning ritual you need to get you ready to power through your day. But as you know, a thorough shave starts with the right tool. Once you’ve cleaned up with the power of the Pace 4, we suggest leveling-up your blade count and reaching for the Pace 7, the world’s first 7-blade razor. The 7 micro-positioned blades work together to eliminate hair as close to the follicle as possible while still allowing for easy rinsing between passes. And since each blade cartridge fits with every one of our shaving system handles, you’ll be free to find your perfect shave – all priced at up to 75% less than the cost of leading brands.