The most common shaving mistakes you may be making
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The most common shaving mistakes you may be making

When’s the last time you reexamined your shaving routine? When it comes to keeping the whiskers neat, most of us haven’t strayed from the technique we learned as acne-ridden fifteen-year-olds. Our facial hair has changed since then, as have we. It’s time to check-in and make sure we’re tending to our stubble the right way.

We put together the nine most common shaving mistakes that men suffer from daily and show you how to fix them.

    • Prepping with Cold Water
      Rinsing your face with cold water will cause the pores to shrink, leading to an uneven shave. When prepping your face, try and make your hair as soft as possible to ensure your razor won’t have to work as hard by rinsing with warm water to ease irritation and extend the life of your blade. If you have the time, a hot towel is best when it comes to relaxing stubble. Similarly, the steam from your shower will aid in making sure your hairs are at their softest before you wield your razor.


    • Skipping a Pre-Shave Wash and Moisturizer
      Preparation is key when it comes to achieving a successful shave. Begin with warm water and a gentle pre-shave cleanse to break-down excess oil, dirt and grime that may hinder the blade’s performance. After washing, make sure to moisturize well. When you shave, you’re essentially exfoliating and irritating your face by scraping off the top layer of dead skin cells and hair. Moisturizing your skin before applying shaving cream will protect your skin by creating a moisture barrier which will lessen the chances of razor burns and nicks.


    • Reaching for Canned Foam
      There’s a reason canned foam is easy on the wallet: it’s mostly air. Canned foam lacks the moisturizing ingredients needed to protect your skin for a successful shave and may increase the chances of post-shave irritation. The more lather, the more drying it will be on your face. Use a shaving cream that’s water-based with natural ingredients like coconut oil and aloe to give your face the necessary nourishment before you shave.


    • Going Against the Grain
      While shaving against the grain is thought to be the best method to achieve the closest shave, it can make you more susceptible to ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Always pay attention to the direction your hair grows and shave with the grain on your first pass: it can save your face a lot of unnecessary irritation. If you absolutely must shave against the grain, reapply shaving cream to keep the area moisturized.


    • Careless Rinsing
      If you’re not rinsing between swipes, your blade fights against all the accumulated hair, skin and cream, resulting in a less-than-smooth shave. Sloppy rinsing could also result in nicks. Thoroughly rinse your blade between each pass to ensure your razor’s performance remains top-notch.


    • Aggressive Pressure
      Using excessive force and pressing down on the razor only ensures that you lose more skin cells. In fact, pressing harder than you need to causes the skin to dimple, creating an uneven plane that makes it harder to cleanly remove hair. Apply light pressure when shaving and let the blade do the work. If you feel like you have to press down in order for the razor to work, it’s probably time to replace your blade.


    • Overestimating Your Blade
      If you’re using the same blade that you were before the seasons changed, you’re shaving with a dull razor. Remember that your blade should only last you about seven shaves depending on your hair type and length. Go a step further in your razor care and thoroughly dry it off after each use to make sure the blades don’t develop rust and store in a place it can keep dry. If you shave every day, consider giving your skin a break and taking a few days off to give your skin the chance to replenish itself.


    • Using the Wrong Kind of Aftershave
      The tingling sensation you may associate with aftershave is actually the alcohol in it burning the newly exposed skin you’ve just spent time carefully scraping. Alcohol-based aftershaves do more harm than good by over-drying your face and can cause irritation. Instead, try an aftershave lotion or balm that supplies your skin with the moisture it needs to help rebuild and protect your skin’s defensive barrier.


    • Dry Shaving
      It shouldn’t even need to be said: dry shaving is a bad idea. If you’re in a rush, you’re better off not shaving at all rather than shaving without proper lubrication. At best, dry shaving will muck up your razor and cause it to wear faster. At worst, attacking your face without the proper pre-shave routine may lead to serious irritation such as ingrown hairs, razor burn, or nicks and cuts.


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