The most common shaving mistakes you may be making
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The most common shaving mistakes you may be making

  1. Shaving With an Old Blade:
    When was the last time you changed your blade cartridge? If you’re struggling to remember, your likely struggling to shave with an old, dull blade as well. There’s nothing more annoying than taking the time to shave only to be left with itchy, stubbly legs. Switch out your blade head every 7-10 shaves to make sure each shave is comfortable and long-lasting.

  3. Pressing Too Hard With a New Blade:
    Be careful of how much pressure you’re exerting when you’ve just changed your blade head, especially if you’ve been shaving with an old blade for a while. You may be used to pressing down on the razor as you swipe, which will cause excess friction and razor bumps, or worse, nicks and cuts. Use a light touch rather than hard pulls to glide the razor along your legs. The razor should be making just enough contact to remove hair.

  5. Not Waiting Long Enough:
    Shaving in the shower should be the very last step before you hop out. This gives your hair enough time to soften, and prep your skin as well. The heat and steam from your shower will work to penetrate your follicles, loosening the hair within it for easy removal. So lather, condition, and pamper the rest of yourself before moving onto shaving.

  7. Shaving With Soap:
    Using soap to shave is a surefire way to end up with itchy, dry skin. While your body wash may deliver the perfect amount of lather for cleansing your skin, it’s way too drying if you’re pairing it with a razor. Use a shaving cream or gel instead that will provide enough slip between the razor blade and your skin to protect your skin’s natural moisture barrier. By shaving, you’re essentially exfoliating the layer of dead skin away, so you want to make sure you’re using the right products to nourish your freshly shaved skin. Try using a hydrating shaving cream or gel, or look into shaving oils if your susceptible to razor burn or dryness.

  9. Sharing Your Razor:
    Sharing your razor is not the kind of best-friend-camaraderie that you want to engage in. Sure, we’ve all done it, and it has helped in a pinch, but you don’t want to cross-contaminate with someone else’s bacteria, especially when addressing more intimate areas. And if you’ve been using your man’s razor the risk is doubled since his razor is designed to follow facial contours rather than body, and could be angled in such a way that isn’t best for legs or underarms. Invest in your own razor, or gift one to your friend if need be, and stay away from your man’s. Your skin will thank you.

  11. Forgetting to Exfoliate:
    While we mentioned that by shaving, you’re essentially removing the top layer of dead skin along with your hair, it’s necessary to exfoliate once in a while to ensure you’re sloughing away most of it before you shave. Your razor will have an easier time reaching your hairs, yielding a buttery-soft shave that can be elusive without the proper skincare. Regularly exfoliating will also keep ingrown hairs from forming by loosening any hair that’s beginning to become trapped within the follicle. Try to exfoliate once a week, or twice if ingrown hairs are stressing you out. If adding an extra step to your shower routine sounds like a pain, indulge with a yummy smelling, fine-grained scrub as incentive.

  13. Dry Shaving:
    This is another common shaving mistake that we’ve all subscribed to. You’re running a few minutes late in the morning and catch sight of a less-than smooth underarm as you throw your bag over your shoulder. But before you rake a razor haphazardly over the area on your way out the door, be careful: the potentially painful results may not be worth it.
    Does shaving with just water count as dry shaving? In our books, yes. Your skin needs that layer of shaving cream to protect against the razor’s edge, while the razor needs the shaving cream to coat each individual hair for easier catch and removal. If you’re only using water or nothing at all, your shave is likely to lead to razor burn or nicks, and you could be damaging your skin’s natural moisture barrier. If you’re pressed for time, it’s better to skip the dry shave entirely and address the hair when you have the time for a proper shave.

  15. Skipping Aftercare:
    “Forgetting” to moisturize after shaving is another one of those shaving-no’s that we’ve all done. We get it—shaving itself can be tedious at times, and any additional steps can seem excessive. But don’t count skincare in that category! After you shave, your skin is at its most vulnerable, so it’s important to treat it well and follow-up with a body lotion that will deliver that extra layer of hydration your skin needs. Follow up with your daily body lotion or invest in a rich body balm or butter to achieve a silky glow.

  17. Over-Shaving:
    Going over an area with your razor too many times will only lead to excess irritation. Over-shaving is most common in areas where your hair grows in different directions, like your underarms. Before you go in with a razor, run your hand along the surface to determine the different directions your hair grows and plan to shave with gentle, precise strokes so you don’t make the mistake of over-shaving such a sensitive area.

  19. Keeping Your Razor in the Shower:
    The best place to store your razor would be anywhere but the shower. It may seem most convenient, but any areas that are frequently exposed to moisture are likely to harbor bacteria as well. To make matters worse, moisture caught between blades can also lead to rust and speed-up blade wear. After each use, clean and thoroughly dry your razor and store safely in a drawer or medicine cabinet. You’ll be protecting your skin from bacteria that can irritate your skin, and extending the life of your blade cartridge.

If these common mistakes speak to your regular shaving routine, it could be time to let go of some old habits and start shaving at your fullest potential. This means starting with a razor that’s fine-tuned to fit your needs. Dorco’s Shai Soft touch is designed with six blades to deliver a close, long-lasting shave. Its triple-formula moisture strips help to keep skin hydrated and protected while the pivoting blade head glides easily over your unique contours. Since Dorco’s products are 35% less than the price of leading brands, you’ll be winning twice when you make the switch to our state-of-the-art shaving essentials.