The best time to shave for the smoothest legs
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The best time to shave for the smoothest legs

Here’s a closer look at what experts state is the best time of day to shave for the smoothest results.

It turns out that slipping into your sheets at night with freshly-shaved legs is just as smart as it is satisfying. Beauty experts have found that shaving at night right before bed versus during your morning shower yields the smoothest shave. It all comes down to body temperature. As we sleep, our body temperature rises, making your legs swell slightly and causes any hair that you may have missed to retreat into their follicles. As a result, your legs feel and appear silkier.

This all means that the results of a morning shave may not be worth the time. Since your legs are still swollen from the night before, your hair won’t be at its optimum length for shaving and may feel prickly as the day goes on. Plus, once you head outside and your body temperature lowers, your pores will shrink and expose even more hair which may give your legs a stubbly appearance and feel. And think of the minutes you’re spending on a longer shower that could be spent packing an actual lunch or engaging in some witty small-talk with the cute barista at the coffee shop.

The bottom line: Shave at night to yield the closest and smoothest shave.

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